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Doggy Day Care

More and more of us go out to work every day, but thankfully we understand = that ‘home alone’ is no life for a dog. That’s why when you are unable to be at home; your dog can come and have a fun time with us.

If you are working all day or just going out for a few hours, busyb provides only the best care for your dog. Your four legged friend will receive lots of love, attention and cuddles in daycare from our qualified staff members as well as 2 fun, exciting walks! We also offer a pick up/drop off service free of charge!

At Our Centre

£22/per day/dog
£100/per 5 day week Monday-Friday
(we are a small dog daycare only) 


Whether it’s rain or shine our exciting walks will take your dog on an adventure with their new pals. In group walks they can play, explore or just move at their own pace with one of our experienced dog walkers. Our free pick up and drop off service saves you the hassle and means we come straight to you! Rest easy knowing your pooch is happy, healthy and having fun.

1 hour group walks

£9 per dog

£40 5 days a week

£15 2 walks same day

£14 2 dogs same house


If your fluffy pal doesn’t socialize well with other dogs or you simply just want that 1-1 attention then we do offer either an hour or half hour walk where it will just be your dog and one of our walkers! 

Individual walks

£9 1 hour

£8 30 minutes



We have partnered with Mad4dogz grooming to bring you the most top quality cuts from our wonderful groomer Kamila, who also now does ultrasound teeth cleaning for just £30 a session to give your dogs the best smile possible!
She also does:

Full groom
Small £30-35 Medium £35-45 Large £45+
Shampoo brush
Small £15 Medium £20 Large £30+
£25 per hour
Hand strip
£50 for all
£5 for all

(All prices subject to change)

Our Shop – Raw Food Specialists

At our shop, we sell an amazing variety of food, treats, toys, leads and harnesses for your 4 legged friends, we only provide the best for our customers. All of our beds, leads and collars are locally sourced and we only accept the best quality stuff.

We sell a great range of Natural Instinct Food, working and natural range, it’s our top seller!

We also sell Poppys Picnic, Hunters Choice and Utterly Rawsome.
We sell the most gorgeous hand made beds by Sleeping dogs that can be customized to suit your pets needs.

We stock lovely collars, harnesses and outfits from Lush Petz, Shiners Knots, Houghton Hounds, Pawdrobe and Yuppie Puppies.

We also have an incredible variety of delicious treats from Laughing Dog, Country Hunter, Simpsons, Forthglade and many more! We also have a lovelt selection of cupcakes, cookies and even doggy beer! Perfect for your little ones birthday!

Pix n mixes are also available from 10p.

Pop down with your pups and have a look around or a chat with our members of staff!

Delivery service

Is your dog hooked on natural instinct? Is it a pain for you to make the trip to our shop? Well you have even less reason to leave the house now as we offer weekly deliveries straight to your door! Contact us to set up a monthly invoice and the weekday that suits you best for delivery.

Dog Overnight stays

Having to leave your furry soulmate for a few days or even longer?

We understand the stress of finding care while you’re away, and also the stress on your pet as they are away from their  home and routine. but you need not worry any further. We offer overnight visits for your dog so your pooch will be safe and comfortale as a member of our team will stay in your own home. Your dog will be fed, walked and likely pampered beyond belief.



£30 overnight

£25 per day

£10 extra dog



Cat Visits

Although it may seem we are very much all about dogs, we also offer cat visits. We understand catteries while perfect for some cats, can provide some unnecessary stress for your feline prince or princess. So rest assured knowing they’ll remain in their palace of comfort whist being cared for. 

£7- Cats

Looking For A Professional?

If you are looking for a professional dog walking, groomer, dog products or even premium dog food, contact us today!

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